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Oh SPM Result
Friday, 14 March 2014 • 18:30 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and annyeong ^^

First of all, yes yes and yes im done changing my skin lol because the previous one is sooooo kpop and i feel like uhmm.. I dont know but right now im not so into kpop but still listening to EXO, BTS and some girls groups. of course i cant stop stanning EXO. they inspire me much. no lie.

And okay back to the story. it was rumored that spm result will be out on 20 March right? but, is it the official one? Uhm, guys, pray for my result . i dont know but i think i'll get only 9A's or 8A's. Oh God, please, not that. yeah, i want at least 10A's. my dream is so big lol. but keep dreaming right? plus, i hope i'll get at least A- for addmaths. i will major in engineering if only i got A for addmath, if not, im not gonna risk my life for weird thinking ever. if not i'll major in graphic desinging or interior designing or just TESL. tsk.

plus, my sister will buy me that EXO's First Box if i get 9A's++ . omg my feels. lol. but that's not the main point why i want the best result, my future is much important. sighs. i have this feeling that i'll get at least 8A's. i hope its true. uhm.

Okaylah. i'm not in mood sebenarnya neh. hehe, but bc it has been a long time since the last update, so gagahkan diri ini untuk update jugak.

okay peeps. Assalamualaikum