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Photoshop : Simple Coloring
Saturday, 4 January 2014 • 14:42 • 0 comments

heyy guys it has been a long time since the last update. well, i've nothing to update anyway. lmao. okay since im bored because im alone at home, so i comeback here. lol. nothing to update so i decided to make a tutorial. a photoshop tutorial on coloring. so, lets go!

so this is the after

and this is the original pic

so first, open your photoshop and your image.

second korang pergi kat image > adjustment > black and white or just tekna (Alt + Shift + Ctrl + B)
so this the setting

so korang set kan kepada soft light

step seterusnya  image > adjustment > gradient map

and set kan kepada multiply

then image > adjustment > hue saturation (Ctrl + u )

then image > adjustment > selective color

next, hue/ saturation again. here's the setting

then selective color again

and you'll get something like this

finally, layer > flatten image.
layer > sharpen > smart sharpen.  so korang buat ikut suka lah. btw, this is my setting

done, btw, coloring ne bukan sesuai untuk semua gambar okay. kalau aku rajin aku buat lagi. or i just post psd here