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Berry's 1st Year-End Giveaway
Tuesday, 7 January 2014 • 22:36 • 0 comments

click banner nak join oke.

Hye annyeong~~
semalam blog walking kat blog someone ne then nampak post dy. she joins a giveaway. so aku pun rasa macam nak join jugak. so after baca everything pasal terms and conditions dy tu, this is an easy giveaway. you dont need to follow sana, follow sini, like sana like sini. just follow her blog and twitter. and the prizes also woahhh. lets scream together guys. (i hope i win this oh god!)

(simple + hodoh jer banner aku. sbb malas nak buat, haha)

so, ne lah hadiah dia

Baekhyun Photocard / bookmark from Polar Light calendar

EXO-K Postcards (unofficial)

and many more


but still there are other prizes. so, you go check it out by yourself. hehe.
so, talking about exo. uhm,, my bias is Tao. lol. that dumb Tao but Suho is wrecker or should i say he's my bias too? ahh molla~~ lol.

ok bye!

p/s : i made another banner but not really i just changed the picture from baekhyun to sehun

ok. this is really goodbye now. bye.