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Monday, 9 December 2013 • 20:55 • 1 comments


hello guys! gwenchana? ok this is my first post after spm. yeah finally !spm was okay but addmaths paper 2 was killing me. seriously. and of course arabic. like seriously we read and even memorized an essay about tourism; because we couldn't write our own essay but ya know, it wasnt in the question at all.  so we need to write our own essay. OUR OWN ESSAY. it would be okay if it was english essay or malay, but this ARABIC hell yeah. i know nothing about arabic and with my vocab, i couldn't write an awesome essay. so i dont expect anything for my arabic

oh btw, EXO had released their album and oh god i love all the songs in the album. the first snow, yeah falling for the song at the first time listen to it. haha and exo's showtime! woah they know how to ruin my life.yeah sment did that. and this thurs exo's showtime eps3.. well im waiting for baekhundred to sub it.ok better end it here.annyeong ^^