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EXO inspired me, ehh???
Thursday, 26 September 2013 • 21:07 • 6 comments

heyyy guysss! just got my trial result. okay. sooo baddddd. im regretting for being too playful before. yupt. even during the exam night, i was still fangirling, spazzing over kpop band! muahaha.. i just got 6A. okay. 2A-, 3A, 1A+. ohkai, dont ask for the rest. muahaha. by the way,, thanks to EXO!! yeahh *applause for them!*

lol. because for the english paper,, hehe i wrote something about GROWL, not really actually. i just got an idea from GROWL RUMOUR. thanks to the RUMOUR and EXO. and my teacher said the story was interesting.  but at first, i wrote Exo and teacher underlined that words. and after she asked us to do correction, i wrote it as EXO and when she saw that, she was "Ohhh, E.X.O . Korean band??" hehe. so that was her comment. i got band B for the essay. ok. BAND B. because my teacher is so strict. to get BAND A, your story must have a TWIST. then you must have an extensive vocab, and an extensive vocab for her is, when someone read your essay, he/she needs a dictionary.

ok. so here is the essay. but, i must apologize first. Suho. sorry for labeling you as the most coward in the group [ but during the happy camp, they said you are!] hehe.


Q : End your story with "..... it was worth it."

      It was a dark windy night. The crews, other members of EXO and I were on our way to our way music video shooting location, somewhere in a very creepy place. I did not know why it should be done here, but maybe to suit our concept. The van headed to the top of a hill, where an old school was located. The school had been left for seven years and never been opened again util today. Just because of us. The villagers here were not really agree with this but our representative strongly wanted it to be done here. so the people had no choice that they had to allow us to use the school. the school was famous for bully cases and many students had committed suicide. however the school was only closed when there were three students committing suicide at once. there was a rumour saying the school was haunted but for me it was just a cock-and-bull story. i did not believe in ghosts and spirits. it was not because i have not experienced it yet but just because.

     We arrived at the school at eight pm. the atmosphere looked so creepy. it was a very old and nerve-wrecking looking school. if you looked from the outside, i was sure you did not dare to enter this school. the entrance looked very unwelcoming and liked giving us a sign 'do not enter this school.' the creaking sound of the door when our manager, Mr.Kim opened the door really made our hair stood on its end. we peered at the interior of the school, but nothing was strange. Mr.Kim suddenly screamed when he stepped on carcass of rats and because of it, our blood ran cold. Mr.Kim turned and asked us to stay calm and relax but from his face, I could tell he was trying to say it to himself as well. i could feel his nervousness.

     We went to the basement, the place where our music video would be shot. Suho, the most coward in our group was doubted at first but there was Chen who suddenly pushed him from behind and Kris pulled him into the basement. Suho finally ambled to the basement as he had no choice. the crews were busy with their work and other members were busy practicing dance, except XiuMin. he seemed to be very sleepy and Mr.Kim asked him to take a rest.

     We were in the midst of our dance practice when the crews gave us one hour break before the shooting started. Kris suddenly came to me and whispered something. he told me to prank on Suho. we asked him to accompany us to the toilet, which is located at the first floor. he refused at first, but as a responsible leader, he finally agreed. we went to the first floor. the corridor seemed okay for us; nothing strange, but for Suho, we did not know. he seemed scared and suddenly came between us. Suho sudden gruffed made us to stop as well. he told us to go first because he left something at the basement. but, we knew it was only a reason to get himself out from this place. so we just continued without him.

     After we finished using the toilet, Kris told me to have a walk. we went to the one of the classroom. the classroom had the most eerie looking than the entire school. the classroom was fulled with foul words. 'Go die.' 'You'll never live a fine a life.' These words really made us in horror. we were about to get out from the class when Kris suddenly noticed something. he went to a desk a the corner of the class. i did not have any idea how he could notice something that kind of far away. Kris peered at the desk. there was words whispering 'get out from this place' was written by red fluid. later, we found out that it was not a fluid, but BLOOD! Kris and i quickly got out from the class and returned to the basement as we did not have any courage to explore this scary school anymore.

      "Tao," Suho called me as soon as Kris and I got back from the basement. "What was wrong with you? Why did you turn back?" I asked Suho as I was so curious to know about it. when he turned away at the corridor just now, his face looked very pale. Suho's face suddenly changed as I asked him that question. "Nothing," he answered. he then instructed us to get ready for the shooting. Kris and me looked at each other, and shrugged. did not know what was wrong with him. after finished shooting, we finally arrived at our house at four in the morning.

    the next week, Mr.Kim asked us to watch the music video once again as there was a rumour saying our music video was haunted. all of us suddenly broke into silence when we noticed there was a mysterious and gloomy shadow appeared in our music video. Sehun suddenly stood up and revealed something. he said everything was fine at first, but when he tried to take nap, he heard his mom calling him. later, we knew that everyone of us had experienced this scary moment during the shooting, including our manager. so did Kris and I. Suho told us that he was with XiuMin all the time, so that was why his face changed when I asked him what was wrong with him. Kris and I became speechless. However, Mr.Kim told us  because of this rumour, the album was sold for thousands of copies and the song was on the first on Billboard Chart. To have this success after experiencing all this creepy and scary moments, we knew that it was worth it.


done! so far, entry terpanjang aku neyh!