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When Your Bias Wish You A Good Luck
Friday, 3 May 2013 • 23:16 • 3 comments


hye! gwenchanayo? hoping that you all fine. someone has made ma day today. guess who? it just,, really, really happy today. i got a good luck wish from my bias. sorry to say. he's not from nu'est. how i wish he was Aron. lol. but, got a wish from him also the best damn thing ever.

this evening was my first time i listen to Arirang Music Access and Super KPop. before i just listened from youtube. yepp. it bcause imma 'budak hostel'. remember that! so,, the DJ for Music Access is Aron from NU'EST and for the Super Kpop is Sam Carter. oh goshhh! sam just too daebak. i dont want to talk about Aron this night. he didnt read my message. what the .... ok.

totally superb happy. i just wrote a message to Sam without hoping that he would read mine. but, suddenly,, oh goshh! the one thing that i could do was, screaming out loud. it was a deafening scream, i guess. it just superb happy. oh goshh,, i wish Sam will read my message again. i will keep spamming message for him. lol. Aron,, i kept spamming my message today, but, u didnt read it. sad life ever. its okay Aron. i'll try again tomorrow. or, the day after tomorrow until you read mine. Ahh,, Sam,, i love you! thanks for reading my message Sam. and Aron, i sure you'll read my message. so, i will never give up to send you a message on Music Access. ok peeps, gotta go. see ya later!

this is from Sam Carter of Lunafly