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So Tired Maa ~~
Saturday, 14 April 2012 • 03:32 • 0 comments

This day went smoothly. but today was a tiring day for me. I keep facing the lappy only this morning. then, mid-day, I read a novel.i've been reading da novel  for the third time. seriously, the novel is very interesting. I liked the novel. then, this afternoon I was busy editing my tumblr. and at 11pm last night I was able to use the lappy. because before 11 pm,my sista use it. when my sista gave to me that lappy, i was continued editing my tumblr .also my second belogg.. so,this all activity really tiring me okayh.

I'm so tired. 
I need my sleep. 
I make no bones about it.
 I need eight hours a day, 
and at least ten at night

follow my second belogg okayh
click jer pitcha ne ne.6t kuar lha second bellogg aku tuu.

p/s : sorry if my language is broken.i'm trying to improve it.hope u all understand it