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Saturday, 28 April 2012 • 07:41 • 0 comments

hye.its have been so long that I didn't wrote anything here. this week was a very busy week for me. actually, not too busy. i had to practice table-tennis for whole week as the match was held on last Thursday. but, I was defeated. its okay because my opponent is representative of my school.okay2.. back to the story.

who wear black t-shirt is mine. while the other Nichkhun?
their face are same , right?? haha.. actually both of them are Nichkhun. i.m one of the nichkhun die hard fan. wanna know about him??

Name ➟ Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
Role in 2PM ➟ Sub Vocal, Dancer
Nickname ➟ Khunnie Boy, Khunnio Boo, Khun-ddaeng, Thai Prince
Date of birth ➟ 24th June 1988
Height ➟ 180cm
Weight ➟ 64kg
Blood Type ➟ O
Religion ➟ Buddhist
Languages ➟ English, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (in order of fluency)
School ➟ none at the moment
Hobbies ➟ Playing the piano, Exercising, Listening to music, Watching movies, Taking pictures
Specialties ➟ Playing the piano, Acrobatics
Ideal Woman ➟ A nice, cute, and good girl
Fav Food ➟ There isn't a food that he doesn't like
twitter ➟ khunnie0624

First Seen ➟ 2006 Superstar Survival
As Guest in Variety Shows ➟ Superstar Survival (2006), XTM I (2007), Mnet Hot Blood (2008), KBS Schoolympics (2008), SBS Yashimanman 2 (2008), MBC Idol Army (2008-2009), Mnet It�s Time 2PM (2009), Mnet Scandal (2009), MBC Introducing Star�s Friend (2009), MBC Infinite Girl (2009), MBC BodyX3(2009), MBC Pretty Boy Generation (2009), MBC Infinite Challenge (2009), KBS Sang Sang Plus (2009), KBS Champagne (2009), Mnet Wild Bunny (2009), KBS Win Win (2010), MBC Sunday Sunday Night Danbi (2010), SBS Star King (2008 - 2010), KBS Happy Together (2010), SBS Strong Heart (2010), KBS Dream Team Season 2 (2010)
As Regular in Variety Shows ➟MBC We Got Married (2010)
Music Show ➟ Co MCs at Mnet Mcountdown (2010)

thats all.thank you! 

p/s : i dont have any idea right now.