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Apa Nak Buat Bila Dah Boring
Friday, 16 March 2012 • 23:25 • 0 comments

heyy peeps!! this holliday xceli mmboringkan since aku tk pegi maner2 pon.but,i.'m lucky that i've this oke.belogg i can throw out all my feeling here maa..oh,btw,sorry if my language broken.i'm trying to improve my language maa. and,correct me if i wrong. so, during this boring time, i've did sumthings nonsense.haha. i'm trying to draw my bias..but,,haha,i'm not good in drawing u,i just list all their bias name lerr.. and trying to sing a song.. oke.not korean song. just a simple song.. Cinta ini membunuhku by D-masive. haha . 
seryesly mmg sumbang!! 

nah..i'm not gud at,ne jer yg aku boley,odoh kan?? haha.
nah,vdeo aku dk,nme jer de pape pon..just ad suara aku jer..
*sumbang.rh* vdeo nyer..jgn gelak taw.. 
btw,pitching aku tu,ade yg dah marathon maen lha lari2 ne..haha..