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when u'r gonE , 난 행복해
Friday, 27 January 2012 • 22:27 • 0 comments

when ur gone! da pieces of my heart are missing u
when ur gone da face i came to know is missing too
when ur gone da words i need to hear to always get me through da day
and make it okay
i miss u

ehem..this song actually's not even related to what i'm going to write.xceli,this night,wanna talk-talk bout my troublesome csta!! why troublesome?? bcuz,,she's so troublesome lha..bcuz of her, i cant finish my homework last nite bcuz i had to top-up her,she's not at home..she's at Penang.seriously,i'm happy..hahaha.happy bcuz,thre will be no disturber anymore.but,she still want me to edit her blog..really2 wonder lha her fevret song's troublemaker.hahaha.sorry cst!! my blog,,and hers,almost da same.wondering,,,editing her blog?? can i do that thing without her?? i dun knoe what style she,sorry..i think,i cant make it cst..hahaha.serve u rite.xceli, i'm REALLY LAZY to do that thing.hahaha.okayh lha.stop here..gud nite !!hev a nice dream!!