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Yuyaa // 18 yo // engineering and computer science student
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gOt tO gO
Saturday, 28 January 2012 • 13:47 • 0 comments

'Cause I don't want to leave (Ooo girl)
But I gotta go right now

hi..hello..howdy!! today,i must go to ostel!!huwaAa.dun want lha...wanna stay at home..blogging,twittering,facebooking,formspringing,tumblring!! hahaha. but,staying at hostel also a best damn thing lha.yaA,,doing sumthing,,,always wit friend.during up o down..and always will be a bedtime storie.storie morie bout what happens in everyday life..share everything lha.this is my hostel life..even it was best staying at hostel,but,staying at home is da best!!much better!!got to go ostel lha..dont want..pliss!!! sumbody help me please!!