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Yuyaa // 18 yo // engineering and computer science student
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wot borink relly iss..???
Friday, 28 October 2011 • 12:11 • 0 comments

well...boring..did u all knoe wat boring really is..??
there are many who always say da word bored .. but, do they really know wat da real purpose bored .. actually, I don't knoe da true meaning of bored .. but, as I knoe, I always felt bored.. it's ennui always present in every human life .. but .. is that correct?? just not possible there are people who never get bored .... yupt is impossible to have people who will never feel bored in life even though a second or an hour or a day.but, still wondering, wat is da true meaning of bored ..?? u all knoe wat da purpose bored ..?? I want to open da 'kamus dewan',....but,, da dictionary xde ngan ak skunk, u all know wat da purpose bored ..?? if u all know ,,,dun forget to tell me, okayh...